Okuma has instilled its know-how from double-column machining centers into the VTR-A series of multitasking machines, giving them unrivaled rigidity and accuracy. The VTR-A series machines show their might in the machining of flat, cylindrical, and difficult-to-machine materials. The “Okuma double column” has dramatically changed multitasking machines: handles even heavy-duty cutting with capacity to spare, highest thermal stability in its class, high quality milling, ease of use born from a shop-floor perspective. In all of these areas, the VTR-A series goes beyond conventional concepts of multitasking machines for huge production floor advantages.

Technical Specifications

[ ] Optional

Max. turning diameter [mm]
Max. turning length [mm]
1,600, [2,000]
Spindle speed [min-1]
No. of tools
23, [35], [59]
Motor [kW]
55/45 [75/60]

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