Blue Photon

What is Blue Photon?

A Revolutionary Workholding Solution for Machining Delicate or Hard-to-Hold Parts

Blue Photon technology and workholding system is a patented, photo-activated adhesive fixturing and workholding solution that improves quality, reduces waste and saves on labour in workholding applications that have traditionally challenged precision part manufacturers. The system is ideal for:

  • High tolerance machining
  • Delicate parts or composite materials
  • Difficult-to-hold parts
  • Near-net shape products
  • Automation

Blue Photon’s ultraviolet workholding technology frees the workpiece from clamps and eliminates the need for designing additional workholding features into the workpiece (such as lugs or dovetails). Our patented grippers along with our proprietary BlueGrip™ workholding adhesive fills a gap between the gripper head and the surface of the workpiece which can accommodate for irregular shapes and textured surfaces.


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