Versatility, low operating cost, and user-friendliness

The Makino U3 Wire EDM provides an ideal mix of speed, accuracy, and surface finish capability to tackle the most demanding applications. The machine utilizes a stationary work table design that delivers repeatable accuracy regardless of work piece size or weight. Excellent access to the work tank is provided through the pneumatic raise and fall front door, and the operator can access the underside of the work piece or lower machine head even with a large work piece on the table. The U3 machine uses a space-savings design that integrates the di-electrode reservoir into the base machine casting, reducing the footprint while improving thermal stability.

Machine maintenance on the U3 has been dramatically reduced with the development of the new PICO Round Wire Guide system. The Wire Guides can be removed and exchanged without the need for Vertical Wire Alignment, as the guide assembly will repeat to within 5µm (0.0002”). Indexing of the Energizer Contact Plates is fast with the Tool-less indexing design, which eliminates human indexing error by removing the need for special tools or measurement devices. The main di-electric filters are housed in a non-submerged cabinet that contains a Filter Air-Purge function that evacuates the water from the filters to simplify the filter exchanging process.

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Technical Specifications

Table: 3-Sided 630 x 450 mm
X: 370 mm Y: 270 mm Z: 220 mm

U Axis
±50 mm
V Axis
±50 mm
Maximum Workpiece Size
770 x 590 x 220 mm Tall
Maximum Workpiece Weight
600 kg
Tank Size
790 mm x 611 mm
Available Wire Size:
0.100mm, 0.150mm, 0.200mm, 0.250mm, 0.300mm ø

The U3 machine features Makino’s Hyper i control, which provides the same efficient and user-friendly interface for Wire and RAM EDM machines, and utilizes intuitive and familiar touch Pinch/Swipe/Drag operations similar to smartphones and tablets.  Machine operation is very straightforward with a 3-Step process of Program/Setup/Run flow, and the large 24” class HD touch-screen display provides a commanding view for the operator.  The Hyper i control also features many helpful intelligent tools for the operator, and is standard with a full-function advanced Handbox that provides greater convenience and flexibility. Digital onboard electronic manuals, instructional training videos, and advanced E-Tech Doctor help functions provide the operator with all of the resources necessary to remain highly productive.

The features and technologies incorporated into the U3 redefine the expectations of versatility and user-friendliness while achieving real-world improvements to productivity. The U3 offers a diverse machining conditions library of settings for different work piece materials, wire types, and wire sizes that have been developed to prove an ideal mix of Speed, Accuracy, Surface Finish, and Low Wire Consumption, which includes diverse 0.300mm (0.012”) settings.  Makino has been the industry leader in low wire consumption technologies, dramatically reducing one of the single largest expenses in operating a wire EDM machine. There are no special settings or “part-time” buttons required to experience this savings; every cutting condition, including sealed and poor flush applications, is automatically optimized and designed from the ground up on the Makino for low wire consumption.

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