In the high-volume production industry, the task of achieving the requirements of our customers such as shorter turnaround, higher quality and lower cost has become a constant challenge for the machine tool designer.

Technical Specifications

Table: 600 mm x 400 mm
X: 500 mm Y: 400 mm Z: 400 mm

Spindle RPM
16,000 (optional 8,000)
Spindle Taper
HSK – A50
Rapid Traverse
50,000 mm/min
Cutting Feedrate
1 – 20,000 mm/min
Maximum Workpiece
975 x 500 x 580 mm
Maximum Payload
400 kg
ATC Capacity

The Slim3n provides high performance and extremely efficient machining for high volume part production, and is ideally suited for a wide array of component machining applications focused on maximizing machining process, increasing flexibility, achieving smooth workflow and various types of automation.

The Slim3n comes with 2 spindle specifications 16,000 rpm and 8,000 rpm to cater to the varying machining applications for high volume production machinery industry demands.

The standard 26 tool ATC magazine provides smooth, fast indexing to support high speed machining application. Designed with an armless, direct tool pick for increased performance, it also has an integral door design adding benefits of no separate actuators making it more reliable.
Configured with nozzle and flush coolant as standard features, chips are efficiently removed from the cutting zone. Slim3n structure is designed with a slope for quicker evacuation. A Lift Up Chip Conveyor can be integrated at the rear of the machine to tailor to high chip generation demands.

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