GENOS L3000-e

The latest in the GENOS L series of lathes, the GENOS L2000 and L3000 feature an integral spindle for powerful, high precision CNC machining. These one-saddle lathes are stronger, smaller, and ideal for cutting a wide range of exotic materials with ease. The integral spindle motor provides increased machining capacity as highly rigid guideways handle powerful cutting capabilities. These highly evolved horizontal lathes deliver turning, optional milling capabilities, and an optional Y-axis in a compact footprint.

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Technical Specifications

[ ] Optional

Max. turning diameter [mm]
300, [340], [390]
Max. turning length [mm]
500, [1,100]
Spindle speed [min-1]
No. of tools
Motor [kW]
L, M, MY, MYW, Connectable with Standroid

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