The EDNC8 is packed with high-performance features for optimum productivity.
The EDNC8 is the second machine in the EDNC-Series line-up. It provides larger X/Y/Z strokes and additional processing capacity over the EDNC6. The EDNC8 is packed with high-performance features for optimum productivity. The user-friendly Hyper-i control system intelligently streamlines operations to achieve the most efficient results regardless of operator skill level. The operator’s needs are fully supported by the Hyper-i system through the integrated EDM Assist (on-board digital manuals and training system) and advanced E-Tech Doctor help functions. The intuitive and graphical nature of the Hyper-i control enables operators to harness the advanced Makino HyperCut and SuperSpark™ IV technologies for the most productive and efficient results.

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Technical Specifications

Table: 1,100 x 700 mm
X: 800 mm Y: 500 mm Z: 400 mm (500 mm)

Rapid Traverse
5 m/min
Maximum Workpiece Weight
3,000 kg
ATC Capacity
16, 32
Tank Size
1,400 x 900 x 500 mm
Max Electrode Weight
100 kg
Max Available Amperage
60A ~ 240A

The EDNC8 can be configured with additional options that impact performance. The HS-Rib Z-axis option provides high-speed jump motions up to 20m/min with 1.5G acceleration, and can reduce machining times by up to 60 percent. Precision depth control is maintained by the HS-Rib through integral liquid core cooling of the ballscrew. This significant level of performance matches the speed and accuracy capability achieved by smaller machines on a much bigger machine platform. An optional ATC (automatic tool changer) system is also available that extends unattended machine operations while permitting full use of the entire machine stroke and work tank area.

The EDNC8 is offered in two configurations with different work tank sizes. The standard EDNC8 supports workpiece sizes up to 55.1” x 35.4” (1,400mm x 900mm) and utilizes a three-sided programmable rise–and-fall work tank. The wide-tank version accommodates larger parts up to 70.8” x 47.2” (1,800mm x 1,200mm), and uses a programmable rise-and-fall front door. Both EDNC8 models utilize a stationary worktable and space-saving design that enhance thermal stability by integrating the dielectric reservoir into the base casting of the machine. In addition, the operator is provided with excellent access to the work zone for easy part setups and operational viewing. The combined features and technologies that are embedded into the EDNC8 machine make it a reliable and powerful tool that can efficiently tackle any application.

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