The EDAF2-Fine Hole machine provides unmatched versatility

With its capability to perform both standard Ram EDM and precision EDM Drilling processes on a single machine – the EDAF2-Fine Hole delivers the identical performance to standard Ram EDM processes as the EDAF2, but contains additional components that are dedicated to high accuracy EDM Hole Drilling. The machine structure utilizes a heavy and rigid design for sustained long-term precision, and the di-electric reservoir is built into the base casting of the machine to save on floor space. Excellent machine thermal stability is maintained through the integral reservoir, and chilled fluid is also circulated through the Y-Axis and Z-Axis structures to keep the entire machine at a stable temperature.

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Technical Specifications

X: 350 mm Y: 250 mm Z: 350 mm

Maximum Workpiece Weight
500 kg

The EDAF2-Fine Hole machine contains a programmable W-Axis and Arm Structure that is independent but parallel to the Z-Axis, and this additional axis contains the Die Guide and Middle Guide support components for EDM Drilling operations.  The W-Axis Middle Guides supports small diameter electrodes and prevents vibration or bending from occurring during machining, and the W-Axis Arm can be removed and installed on the machine in less than a minute using a series of quick disconnects and a rigid Curvic coupler.  The EDAF2-Fine Hole machine is standard with a high speed C-Axis that provides precision indexing and continuous rotation speeds up to 2,000rpm, and a high pressure pump with 6MPa (870psi) or 10MPa (1,490psi) capability.

Industries and markets such as Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, and Die/Mold rely on the EDAF2-Fine Hole to be a productive solution for critical high accuracy hole details. The EDAF2-Fine Hole machine utilizes a traditional Ram EDM di-electric oil, which helps to provide dramatic game-changing improvements to accuracy, edge quality, and metallurgical characteristics to EDM Drilling capabilities.  The machine incorporates the automation and operator friendly programmable Rise and Fall work tank, and is also equipped with a U/V Flame Sensor and Fire Extinguisher system for long hours of safe unattended operation.  Makino’s advanced and streamlined Hyper-i control, which utilizes a 24” class high-definition touch screen, brings new levels of operational efficiency to the shop floor with its intuitive interface and practical support tools that enhance the capability of operators of all skill levels.

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