Automatic Pallet Changer (APC)

Okuma Pallet Pools are automated systems based on a standardized ready-to-use system. The compact construction of the single level storage system uses stationary pallet stands and a pallet transfer unit. The standard machine two-pallet APC is designed so that the same unit is used with the multi-pallet APC (pallet pool). A tower APC can provide even more flexibility and productivity in a minimal footprint. With this 2-level system, spindle utilization can be optimized to get the most out of your investment.

Technical Specifications

Connectable with:

  • MA-H series: MA-400H, MA-500HII, MA600HIII, MA-8000H, MA-12.500H
  • MB-H series: MB-4.000H, MB-5.000HII, MB-8.000H, MB-10.000H
  • MA-V series: MA-550V, MA-650V
  • MB-V series: MB-46V, MB-56V, MB-66V, MB-80V
  • MU-V series: MU-400V, MU-4000V, MU-5.000V, MU-6.300V, MU-8.000V
  • MU-10.000H
  • VTM-YB series: VTM-1.200VB, VTM-2.000YB

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