When EMO 2021 Milano opens its doors in early October, you will see for the first time in Europe, the a800Z, a horizontal machining centre that adds 5X capabilities to the highly successful a81nx machine. Featuring the same power, performance, and reliability as the a81nx, the new a800Z will prove an attractive investment for production applications in the e-vehicle, internal combustion engine, agricultural vehicle, semiconductor, and aerospace industries.

Technical Specifications

4 axis performance on a 5 axis machine



Moving to a conventional 5X machine sometimes means sacrificing pure cutting performance. But not with the a800Z. Its high-performance, high-torque, jacket-cooled spindles give operators the same power as on the 4X a81nx so they can cut a wide range of materials. What’s more, the highly rigid double-slant structure brings the cutting performance to levels beyond most conventional 4X machines. The double-slant design of both the column and the table forms a highly rigid structure that efficiently transfers the high cutting forces generated during heavy-duty machining and maximises machine rigidity.

Z-type table


It is not just the spindles that stand out on the new a800Z. Its Z-type agility tiling table brings the centre of gravity of the table and the workpiece close to the centre of rotation of the tilting axis. As a result, inertia is minimised while positioning movements can be performed at high speed and with great accuracy. In other words, this oversized table – in itself an advantage – plays a key role in enabling fast and accurate 5X machining.

Excellent chip evacuation

a800Z-Evacuation-systemNo machine operator wants chips accumulating in the machining chamber. That is why the a800Z has a high-capacity chip management system. The interior walls of the machining chamber are covered in stainless steel to minimise chip adherence. Besides, these close-to-vertical walls allow chips to freely fall by their own weight. Three evacuation channels at the bottom of the chamber ensure efficient chip evacuation to the standard high-capacity chip conveyor. Such efficiency avoids energy losses and reduces coolant tank maintenance.

Economical coolant use

a800Z-coolant-tankDisposing of the fine chips and sludge generated in machining processes is problematic, as contaminated coolant is hardly an eco-friendly liquid. In the a800Z an agitator in the coolant tank prevents the particles from settling and accumulating. The suspended particles are then removed from the coolant by means of a large-capacity cyclonic filtration unit, from where they can be safely discharged from the machine. Besides, the a800Z is designed to be economical with coolant, which automatically reduces the amount of coolant that needs disposing.

Operator- and automation-friendly

a800Z-friendly-jpgWith its low step-over threshold the a800Z offers excellent access to the machining chamber for the machine operator to perform pre-machining set-up or in-process inspection. The a800Z can be easily connected to various automation systems, e.g. pallet magazine system, robot system or jig-tool package, and is also connectable to existing automation facilities, e.g. a Makino MMC2 system in combination with an a81nx.

Reliable thermal control

Makino machines are renowned for their thermal control systems. The a800Z is no exception. Spindle cooling, table cooling and ball screw part cooling ensure that, however demanding the cutting application in a production environment may be, this horizontal machining centre will not overheat or lose its cutting precision.

Performance in your hands

The 10.000 rpm spindle and the high torque 8,000 rpm assure you have the right spindle in any ocassion.

Technical Specifications


X travel
1,280 mm
Y travel
1,200 mm
Z travel
1,120 – 1,325 mm
B travel
360 deg
C travel
180 deg



Size of the working surface
630 x 630 mm
1,000 kg
Max. workpiece size (dia.)
1,000 mm
Max. workpiece size (Height)
800 mm
Pallet surface configuration
Tapped hole M16 x 24 holes (pitch:125 mm)



Spindle speed
20 – 10,000 rpm
Power (25% ED /cont.)
55 kW / 37 kW
Torque (10%ED /cont.)
721 / 305 Nm
Spindle taper
7/24 taper #50



Rapid traverse (X, Y, Z)
60,000 mm/min
Rapid traverse (B)
18,000 deg/min
Rapid traverse (C)
9,000 deg/min
Cutting feedrate (X,Y,Z)
1-50,000 mm/min
Cutting feedrate (B)
1-180,000 deg/min
Cutting feedrate (C)
1- 9,000 deg/min


Automatic tool changer

Tool storage capacity
60 tools
Max. tool dia. (With/Without limitation)
115 mm/356 mm
Max. tool length
690 mm
Max. tool mass (With limitation)
30 kg
Max. tool moment (With limitation)
45 Nm
Tool changing time (Tool to tool)
(exclude ATC shutter motion time)
1.76 s


Machine size

Machine size (width × depth)
4,863 × 8,231 mm
Floor space (width × depth)
6,600 × 10,200 mm
Machine height
3,931 mm
Mass of machine for standard specification
32,100 kg

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