Pioneers in Machining Technology

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High efficiency grinding of nickel alloy components

The Japanese machining centre manufacturer, Makino, recognises that its UK agent, NCMT, is the world leader in the application of VIPER grinding for the production of nickel-based components up to eight times faster than when using a conventional, plated CBN (cubic boron nitride) wheel.

Makino-NCMT Grinding Division has therefore been set up in the UK to market the technology throughout Europe and Scandinavia, principally within the aerospace and power generation industries, but also in the motorsport and medical sectors.

The technology, which employs small, vitrified aluminium oxide wheels in creep-feed grinding mode on Makino machining centre platforms, offers not only a major advance in productivity, but also significantly reduced consumable costs and lead times. The Makino range of VIPER grinding machines is the first to combine creep feed grinding with milling, drilling and turning in a true multi-processing environment, reducing the number of separate operations and set-up times.