The precision and surface finish quality of the UPV-3, for larger part details
Achieve the ultimate in precision and surface finish quality on larger part details with the UPV-5 Wire EDM machine.  The UPV-5 features an oil-based di-electric system that provides greater control over the machining discharge spark energy, and this enhanced control provides the ability to machine with lower power, enabling the UPV-5 to achieve surface finishes down to 0.02µmRa (1µinRa ).  This level of surface finish is unattainable using traditional deionized water di-electric  due to the water always remaining slightly conductive, which inhibits the ability to machine with ultra-low discharge power.

Like the smaller UPV-3 machine, the UPV-5 is built on Makino’s proven Uj-Series machine platform that utilizes a stationary table design, and is held to a tighter construction accuracy tolerance. Excellent work zone access is provided by the 3-sided rise and fall work tank design, and this simplifies loading and setup of the work piece while fully supporting automation requirements. Ultra-precision applications such as fine-blanking and precision stamping die components are ideally suited for the UPV-5.  The machine can also be configured to address the needs of the Cutting Tool Insert manufacturing industry with the optional integrated 3D Setup Probe and Rotary Table.

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Technical Specifications

Table: 810mm x 550mm
X: 550mm Y: 370mm Z: 220mm

Maximum Workpiece Size
960mm x 690mm x 100mm
Maximum Workpiece Weight
550 kg
Tank Size
810mm x 550mm

The use of oil as a di-electric fluid, which is the same fluid used in Sinker EDM applications, also serves to enhance part accuracy and metallurgical quality. Unlike water di-electric, the oil di-electric fluid is chemically neutral, so it completely eliminates oxidation, meaning that steel work pieces will never rust while in the machine. The oil di-electric also protects synthetic materials such as PCD diamond and Carbide, and eliminates the oxidation corrosion of these materials binder composition, such as cobalt depletion of carbide, and preserves the material integrity to provide dramatic increases in component life.  Metallurgical characteristics of HAZ and Recast is also improved over water-based Wire EDMing and are virtually undetectable as a result of oil’s ability to support lower discharge power levels.

The streamlined Hyper i control makes operation of the UPV-5 extremely easy and straightforward.   The modern user-friendly interface uses a wide 24” class high definition touch screen with smartphone/tablet Pinch/Swipe/Drag functionality, and includes an advanced Handbox for operator convenience.  The Hyper i control also features on-board electronic manuals, advanced E-Tech Doctor function, and video training tutorials, empowering the operator with everything they need to be productive right at their fingertips.  The UPV-5 is also standard with safety equipment such as the integrated Fire Suppression system for reliable and extended unattended operation.

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