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MACH 2018 - Makino - Hall 19 - Stand 640



MACH 2018 will mark the UK launch of the new DA300 5-axis, trunnion-type, vertical-spindle machining centre from Japanese machine tool builder, Makino, which is represented exclusively in the UK and Ireland by NCMT Ltd ( The configuration at the show on stand H19-640 will include a Cellro robotic system from Holland ( for automatically loading and unloading components.
 The compact machine is ideal for 5-sided and fully interpolative 5-axis production of complex components in one clamping. A rigid structure combines with high dynamic motion control to reduce cycle times significantly while maintaining accurate performance.
Equipped with integral, direct-drive motors for the swivelling +30 to -120 degree A-axis trunnion and also for C-axis rotation of the 340 mm by 300 mm table, the machine deploys a 20,000 rpm, 22 kW, HSK-A63 spindle capable of rigorous milling, drilling and tapping. A 60-tool magazine ensures availability of an extensive selection of cutters to tackle the most complex of parts or component families.
 The table is prepared with pneumatic ports for easy integration of an automated pallet change system to provide quick, efficient component exchange, maximising machine utilisation. Makino offers two standard workpiece pallet systems that can be factory fitted or retrofitted: a seven-pallet arrangement, expandable in the field, or a 19-pallet configuration. An EROWA chuck-type pallet system for automated component handling may alternatively be attached in a similar fashion to the Cellro equipment on display.
The Fanuc-based Professional 6 CNC system with optional Super Geometric Intelligence 5 (SGI.5) provides streamlined screen layouts, operator assistance and new macros to accelerate productivity. For example, a G-code drilling cycle enables the tool to arc from hole to hole instead of following a square path, reducing non-cutting time by as much as 15 percent when drilling a typical hole pattern. A vision sensor outside the machine's work zone detects broken tools to ensure cutter integrity without impacting cycle times.
Workpieces up to 450 mm in diameter and 400 mm high with a maximum weight of 250 kg can be machined within a 450 mm x 620 mm x 500 mm working volume at feed rates up to 60 m/min. Even the rotary A and C axes are fast at 100 and 150 rpm respectively. Acceleration and deceleration to and from full speed takes just 1.5 seconds, minimising chip-to-chip times. Accuracy is ensured by scale feedback in all axes.
Other intelligent machine functions include Inertia Active Control designed to speed machine motions further based on dynamic attributes and Collision Safe Guard, a real-time crash-avoidance feature that has a look-ahead function and takes real machining conditions into consideration.
Other standard features include temperature control by cooling of the machine structure, spindle, ballscrews, bearings and drives.
DA300 video:
Makino EDAF2 high-precision sinker EDM machine
On show will be the EDAF2 sinker EDM machine, which features a rigid, precise structure and integral thermal cooling of the Y- and Z-axis cast components to ensure long-term accuracy. Table size is 550 mm by 350 mm and the dielectric reservoir is built in to the base casting to improve thermal stability further and to minimise the machine’s footprint.
Free access to the working area is due to a programmable, three-sided drop-tank system. Unattended machining is extended by automatic electrode exchange and automated workpiece delivery and removal options. Fluid cooling maintains the dielectric at a constant temperature for stable burning conditions. A high precision C-axis head is an additional feature and electrodes weighing up to 50 kg may be used.
 The machine uses Makino's latest Hyper-i control system with an interface similar to that found on tablets and smartphones. It delivers efficient and productive results while bringing new levels of user-friendly operation to the shop floor. The control contains intelligent, intuitive and interactive functions streamlined to assist the operator at every step of the machining process. It also enables easy access and selection of power settings to produce accurate results in the fastest possible cycle times.
The new, on-board programming system, Makino Program Generator, has been designed to simplify use of the control, while generating aggressive machining programs to meet the demand for shortened lead-times on today’s shop floor. By providing answers to prompts and inputting basic data, even novice operators are able to generate efficient and safe burn routines. The new program generator also allows for programming of multiple electrodes and multiple burn locations.
ArcFree technology is standard on EDAF-series machines. In the past, if a CNC sinker developed a destructive DC arc during machining, the job would have to be stopped and both the workpiece and the electrode cleaned. Sometimes they would have to be scrapped. Makino machines have sophisticated spark gap monitoring and arc prevention circuits, so there is virtually no possibility of a destructive arc developing. Even jobs that offer less than optimal surface areas of burn due to electrode / workpiece geometry can be started with unusually high current density and relied upon to continue flawlessly, promoting operator confidence during unattended running.
Makino’s High Quality Surface Finish technology provides the EDAF with improved electrical conductivity for more consistent discharging and spark diffusion. It eliminates secondary discharges that waste energy while permitting increased efficiency of the sparks for a superior finish without lowering metal removal rates. A new power-saving mode automatically activates at the end of machining, reducing the machine’s power consumption while idle by 70 percent.
Optional performance enhancing features include Makino’s Z-axis stabiliser technology involving liquid cooling of the Z-axis ballscrew and nut, allowing cavity floor surface blending to within one micron. A further option is a fine-hole configuration for precision hole drilling with electrodes down to 0.1 mm diameter.
The machine can be factory ordered with the control mounted on either the left or right, facilitating easy integration of one or more machines with a variety of commercially available electrode and work pallet handling robots.
Makino U3 H.E.A.T. wire-cut EDM machine
One of Makino’s most technologically advanced wire-cut models, the U3 H.E.A.T, will also be presented. Designed for ease of operation, versatility and low operating cost, the machine is the latest-generation solution for improved profitability in wire EDM processes.
The new model offers enhanced performance in a design that makes competitive cycle times and high degrees of accuracy and surface finish easy to achieve. With the addition of the new HyperCut technology and the Hyper-i control, even novice operators can program and produce top quality components having the most complex geometrical features. It is a significant competitive advantage for shops experiencing difficulty replacing skilled EDM operators.
The U3 H.E.A.T offers X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 370 mm, 270 mm and 220 mm respectively. Workpieces up to 770 mm x 590 mm x 220 mm with a maximum weight of 600 kg can be machined. Other features are reduced wire consumption and a choice of two guide configurations for the 0.1 to 0.3 mm diameter wire - conventional round or split V - to accommodate nearly all material types and flushing conditions.
The U3 as well as its larger counterpart, the U6, is available in optional H.E.A.T. configuration featuring Makino’s High Energy Applied Technology, which will be integrated into the machine at the show. It incorporates high pressure, dual digitally controlled flush pumps and a large capacity, four-step filtration system that together provide even faster machining speeds. H.E.A.T. technology is designed to provide unparalleled wire EDM speed and accuracy in parts featuring poor or difficult flushing conditions.
An extensive library optimises cutting using standard hard brass wires, high-speed coated wires and high-taper soft wires. The extent and versatility of the entire cutting condition library ensure that all workpieces can be machined at optimum productive levels. Makino is a long-standing industry leader in reducing wire consumption. No special settings are needed, as every cutting condition including sealed and poor flush applications is automatically optimised.
U-series wire EDM machines feature an innovative design in which the entire bed casting is used as the dielectric reservoir. It reduces the footprint compared with previous models and eliminates the need for additional external fluid tanks. By merging all machine components into a single base structure, improved mechanical rigidity and thermal stability are provided and the stationary table design ensures sustainable, long-term accuracy. Additionally, work zone access has been simplified for ease of operation and maintenance.
Makino’s HyperCut technology is a three-pass process developed to produce surface finishes as fine as 3µm Rz in standard tool steels. This performance enhancement represents a 20 percent reduction in cycle time and 14 percent reduction in wire consumption compared to the previous technology.
Makino has also developed a proprietary Pro-Tech circuit that provides electronic galvanic protection to the workpiece to prevent or at least minimise rusting and oxidation, preserving the integrity of the part without the need for chemicals.

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