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High-speed milling cutter achieves mirror finish


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A new face milling cutter has been introduced by the Japanese manufacturer, BIG Daishowa, for high-speed finishing of cast iron, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals. Called Speed Finisher, it has inserts that are adjustable to within one micron of each other, resulting in a mirror-like machined finish using spindle speeds up to 20,000 rpm.
In trials, an ADC12 aluminium die-cast crankcase was machined with coolant at 4,000 m/min cutting speed, 9,550 mm/min feed rate and 2.5 mm depth of cut to a mean roughness depth of Rz 0.55 micron. It allowed roughing and finishing to be combined into a single operation. When dry cutting an FC250 grey cast iron machine tool bed at 1,500 m/min surface speed, 3,600 mm/min feed rate and 2.0 mm depth of cut, an Rz of 0.67 micron was achieved together with 1 to 2 microns surface flatness.
Rapid cutting height adjustment ensures minimum downtime. After clamping the insert, a finely-pitched screw raises or lowers it directly and precisely by turning a nut at the side. A bespoke presetter is available to reduce adjustment time to under 15 seconds and improve accuracy further. Insert grade is either high density sintered DA2200 PCD (polycrystalline diamond) for aluminium and non-ferrous metals, or CBN (cubic boron nitride) for cast iron.
The low profile cutter body enhances the cutter's rigidity while reducing vibration and distortion and hence minimising the height differences in the machined surface. Low mass translates into light weight, allowing exceptional performance, even on small machine tools with 30-taper spindles.
Speed Finisher comes in three diameters – 50, 63 and 80 mm. Coolant is delivered directly to the cutting edge when used in combination with the Face Mill Arbor Type FMH, making the tool especially effective at avoiding built-up edges and possible re-cutting of swarf when cutting aluminium.
Online videos of Speed Finisher in action are available at:  < Back