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New vertical machining centres from Makino


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Makino's new F8 and F9 vertical-spindle machining centres are capable of fast metal removal rate during milling and drilling of large components, from forging dies, injection moulds and stamping tools to aluminium and titanium aircraft parts. NCMT is sole UK agent for the Japanese machine manufacturer.
Makino's high-performance, 10,000 rpm spindle combined with BT50 or HSK-A100 tools have the power and rigidity to machine hardened and tempered steels. Drills up to 80 mm and milling cutters up to 125 mm in diameter can be programmed to cut at high feed rates due to the machine's mechanical rigidity and widely spaced, oversize linear roller guideways. They ensure stability and excellent damping while at the same time ensuring fast axis movements up to the 24 m/min rapid feed rate, which is also the maximum cutting feed.
An optional 20,000 rpm, HSK-A63 spindle is available to cover a broad spectrum of applications, ranging from light, high-speed roughing to chamfering with small-diameter tools, ideal for producing large plastic injection moulds as well as aluminium parts. The agility of the drives, and path optimisation within Makino's SGI.4 motion control software, speed the machining of complex 3D contours. Vibration-free running leads to high accuracy, optimal surface finish and minimum tool wear.
Patented core cooling technology enables the spindle to maintain a high degree of precision in the Z-axis during lengthy periods of machining. It also prolongs spindle life. The inner core of the ballscrews, the motor flanges and the bearing blocks are also cooled. Following a tool change, the F8/F9 returns to the previously milled surface with utmost precision so that no matching errors are perceptible. In other words, there is no need to finish the entire surface with a small tool, which is normally common practice.
The F8 and F9 have a thermally stable, geometrically symmetrical design, so accuracy of machining is inherent rather than a result of compensatory electronics. Precise linearity is assured, even when Y-axis travel and table load are at their maxima. Cutting forces are evenly transferred to the floor via strategically positioned support and levelling screws, while the wide column-to-bed contact area ensures that the forces are also absorbed efficiently in the column.
Easy access to the working area reduces set-up times and facilitates crane-assisted loading and unloading of large parts weighing up to 2,500 kg. Four spiral chip conveyors with a drum filter ensure that the large quantities of chips generated in high performance machining are evacuated quickly and effectively to the rear of the machine.
The F8 and F9 offer respectively 1,300 mm and 1,600 mm travel in X, while Y and Z travels are 800 mm and 650 mm in both models.
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